Why South Indian Cuisine Soars High on Health Meter!

The best south Indian food franchise business opportunity in Uttarakhand, Southern Café | Authentic Flavours has taught us the meaning of winning national reach in regional cuisine where people crave for authentic South Indian delicacies.

South Indian cuisine is an all-time favorite ranging from kids to adults mainly for Idli, Dosa, and Sambar. South Indian cuisine has ruled our palates and cuisine in simple yet exotic taste with health benefits and Southern Café | Authentic Flavours, the best South Indian food provider in Dehradun is one of them. With the motive of healthy living, Southern Café | Authentic Flavours is the top south Indian food franchise in Uttarakhand which provides premium quality products with a track on hygiene.

South Indian cuisine is not only tasty but healthy too. Almost all the South Indian dishes are prepared with rice as the base ingredient which is good for health. You can happily kick start your day with some steamed idlis spruced up with coconut chutney and a bowl of piping hot sambar. Indeed! this makes Southern Cafe |Authentic Flavours, the best South Indian food cafe in Dehradun.

Made with fermented rice, idlis are a great source of carbohydrates and proteins. As it is steamed, fat content is low and it is easily digestible. Coconut is again used a lot while preparing South Indian dishes and special chutneys as advised by Southern Café | Authentic Flavours, the best south Indian restaurant in Dehradun.

Sambar is made of pulses which is a good source of vegetarian protein and is high on fibers too. Proteins are required for muscle growth and repair, and weight loss too. The sambar includes a variety of vegetables, which are rich in fibers and anti-oxidants.

Dosas are healthy because they are relatively low in calories as per the best South Indian food provider in Dehradun- Southern Café | Authentic Flavours. For increasing the health benefits of dosas, you can always stuff them with paneer or tofu which are a rich source of proteins. Healthy vegetables like cabbage, carrot, broccoli, and other green vegetables that are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can also be used as dosa fillings.

Uttapam is healthy as well as easy to cook. Homemade uttapam is an ideal meal option for those who are looking for a low-fat breakfast. Veg Uttapam and Oats Uttapam are rich in various nutrients and do not add unhealthy calories to your body.

Stay healthy with best south Indian food provider in Dehradun Uttarakhand, Southern Café | Authentic Flavors.

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