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Our Advantages

Why Choose Us

Exclusive territorial rights given to franchise

Once you get your franchise started with us, you get a complete hold from us in that particular market.

Assisting you in selecting the manpower

For a successful journey there needs to be a team that has the potential to maintain the success rate continuously

Monitoring of restaurant key performance

Our responsibility involves the success of your business

Online and offline marketing support

There are multiple ways in which we assist our franchise owner

In house sambhar masala

Even after growing our business rapidly, we have and will never sacrifice on our quality.

idli sambar
One time and lifetime fees

Our franchise model is designed keeping in mind how economic we can get while starting a business.

Both on site/off site training will be provided

The major assets of any organisation are the people working with them

Complete setup service and store design

We give you the ultimate setup for the progress of your Franchise business

Waste management

The food prepared is totally authentic and have the realest of the ingredients mixed in them

No premix used

We believe in sticking to our promises. When we say ‘authentic’, we mean it.There is no pre mix or artificial flavours used in any of our dishes.

Our Franchise Model

We provide only premium quality products for a healthy life. Our products are clean and hygienic as we are working towards a healthy way of living.

High Profit

We are preparing to expand our stores in different cities of India with lots of franchise opportunity for people believing in healthy food concepts.

Expert Care and management

Our management process involves everything from preparing the food to customer care, in an organized and well planned manner.