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Southern Cafe'

Being India’s first south Indian food ‘QSR’ chain, Southern Cafe, proudly aims at serving food that is solely and soul-ly Indian.

The whole idea behind the inception of Southern Cafe was to replace unhealthy fast-food with our healthy menue, that is designed keeping in mind the fast paced lifestyle of today’s generation who do not hesitate in risking their health with the amount of junk food they consume. South Indian food not just happens to be healthy but it is tasty as well, therefore, we claim ourselves to satisfy your tastebuds along with keeping your health in perfect shape.

Our Mission

In the world of burgers, pizza, and other fast food, Southern Café has pledged to take healthy & affordable south Indian cuisine rolling across the world.
Our attempt is to serve a cuisine that has a soul in India.
We believe in staying rooted within and connected with the rest through our authentic menue.

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  • Visit Us: Sahastradhara Road, Nandini Vihar, Opposite HP petrol pump, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (248001)
  • Call us: +91 92199 99899,
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