Breakfast is the main meal of the day and as advised by the elders and the doctors around the world, it should be healthy and full of ingredients that provide you energy for the day.

Well here at Southern Cafe, the best south Indian restaurant, we are giving the best combination of mixing health and authenticity together. The great taste of authentic spices and nutritionally rich ingredients here is presenting a blog by Southern cafe, providing the best southern food.

  • Stuffed Idli

Undoubtedly there is nothing healthier then idlis and they get the perfect stuffing it makes them healthier and nutritionally rich. Prepared with idli batter, some sprouted moong, ginger, mint leaves, and green chilies and for an added flavor you can add tomato ketchup with it.

  • Rava Idli

The famous south Indian combination with complete authentic taste, an addictive Indian breakfast item, one can have an absolutely lip-smacking breakfast as Rava idli.

  • Oats Idli

Oats is a very healthy Indian breakfast option and when it gets the south Indian taste the nutrient quality becomes very high. Oats, semolina, carrot, peas, yogurt and lots of added rich spices this is an extremely nutritious snack.

  • Pepper Idli

Apart from the nutritionally rich factor, the South Indian spices are the major taste enhancer in the Idli, these pepper idlis are a treat to the eyes and taste buds too. These idlis can be enjoyed with favorite chutney or sambhar.

  • Cucumber idli

Cucumber idli with a soft, fluffy delicious taste can be prepared with coconut, semolina, jaggery, cucumber. Taste the south Indian idli in a new style mixed with ingredients that are so good.

  • Moong Dal and Rice idli

The very basic and simple form for idli, Rice and Moong Dal idli is prepared with the most basic ingredients with the most exotic taste. Prepared with mixing rice, moong dal, carrot, and onions. It can be enjoyed with all sorts of colorful chutneys.

  • Vegetable idli

Idli is one of the most popular south Indian breakfasts and when they can be infused with healthy seasonable vegetables, they become the ultimate choice. Satisfying for the taste buds it is a good idea to start the day with these white beauties.

One of the popular breakfasts all over India, Idlis contains no saturated fat and no cholesterol and is the most full filling snack one can ever ask for. Visit Southern cafe, best south Indian restaurant for such amazing southern food.

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